Sunday, January 31, 2010

Did you see this ad from Partnership for a drug-free America?
I thought it was creepy and funny - and quite memorable. Can you relate?

Speaking of teenagers, my son played this song for me and I can't get it out of my head. I enjoyed the ballad quality of it. Many fans have acted it out on other youtube versions. I hope it gives you a smile at the beginning of the week.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I stayed up for the State of the Union address last night and couldn't help staying up longer to watch a bit of commentary. Now I'm sleepy today. Did he change your feelings about his plans, even a little bit?

Honestly I don't know what the Republicans want - except to have won the last election. I can't imagine that they think we should go back to the financial de-regulation that got us into this mess. I can't imagine that they don't want their own pre-existing conditions covered by insurance. I can't imagine they they want to keep buying oil from the region of the world that fights us the most. I thought they liked tax cuts, so why no applause about the tax cuts on small businesses and the middle class? And will the politicians in the next election wear patches of their corporate sponsors like NASCAR drivers? I just don't get it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So did you guys read about the recent Supreme Court ruling that lifted all restrictions from corporate election spending? I find it depressing. If you didn't think elections were bought before, they clearly will be now.

The question is, do you trust the government or corporations to keep protect the best interest of the people of this country? Is there a difference anymore between the two? Clearly those bankers have money burning a hole in their pockets. I suppose they will purchase the candidate who will protect their multi-million dollar bonuses.

This ruling seems to be antithetical to the ideals of Constitution. Should we just have a CEO rather than a president? Do corporations have the same rights as individuals? I wonder if churches are considered corporations? Can they purchase a candidate too? Is this country simply going to the highest bidder?

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is me on Christmas morning with the loot from my stocking. I'm wearing a button that says "As Is." See the candy in the prescription bottles?

We still have some of this pre-Christmas snow on the ground. It's so cold! I'd go to Florida, but I hear it's cold there too.

Do you see the giant squirrel lurking in the shrubbery behind the Holy Family?

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a used one. My mom passed down to me her mother's Dutch Oven. Here was the first meal I cooked in it. Easy & delicious. Thanks Mom! Thanks Grandma!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I need to replace my whiny post from the end of last year. Maybe I should've tried to end my blogoyear on a higher note.

My Christmas vacation was a bit different this year because of the foot surgery and requisite narcotics. I was easily exhausted and stressed, trying everyone's patience. We all managed to get through with warm memories. Lucky for me, Mark packed me up and took me to Williamsburg. My kids went with their dad & his girlfriend to see their Ohio friends and relatives. When we were all reunited, we appreciated each other much more and all the rush of the holidays was past.

(Warning: gross medical discussion coming in the next paragraph.)
My foot is healing nicely, although it continues to be annoying. The screw removal left a big incision and stitches that are out now and getting more comfortable every day. But I had that weird thing fixed with my toe which required a tiny surgical shishkabob skewer inserted into my toe. Here's the gross part. There's a little pull tab sticking out of the top of my toe, like a thumbtack. It's gross. I can feel it. If my sock touches it, or it gets cold, I can feel it, which is often. I can't walk normally with this boot on or without being able to use the tip of that toe. I walk a bit like Frankenstein. Mark said I should just put my hands out in front of me when I walk. The pull tab is there because next month they will pull it out - yikes! I'm afraid of wiggling my other toes. It's hard to hold your toes still - especially once you start thinking about it. My foot looks like it was caught in a bear trap.

Anyway, when I start to feel sorry for myself, I think of my friend Tom who is adjusting to a prosthetic leg. It must be exhausting, physically and emotionally. I need to stop whining.

And my kids have been helping out more and learning a lot. For expediency, I've been sending them into the store while I wait in the car. They've been learning all sorts of important things, like carts are helpful, and if you don't buy it, you can't eat it. Our Christmas decorations may be up until February, but at least the tree is pretty.

And Williamsburg was a fun getaway. It's not a hopping nightlife spot, but I wasn't in the mood for hopping night life anyway. We saw a play and heard a crystal concert and ate delicious food. I borrowed Mark's mom's wheelchair and let Mark push me around the colonial section, which was pretty, even if it was cold. I even managed to do a little shopping. Plus we saw Avatar and It's Complicated in a Movie Tavern that served beer & nachos and more. It was kinda weird watching the 3-D adventure and realizing the waiter in front of me handing me a beer was really there.