Monday, October 25, 2010

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since my last post about the Golden Gate. No way I can try to catch everyone up. But I have missed my blogger buddies. I've been checking back in and am getting ready to make a comeback.

I've been thinking, should I just start fresh with a new blog? Does CG still work for me? But I think it does. I'm not a big fan of starting all over. I think my favorite CG is Cosmic Gypsy. I may lean more that way. But I am in the process of building something new, so Construction Girl still works. She was important to me. I am hooked on the election coverage - like the ultimate in reality shows, so Campaign Grist works too. I've still been practicing yoga, so I still have Chataranga Goals. And I'm now officially the mother of three teenagers, so Children Growing works.

So I guess I work best when my title is flexible.

I have missed you and hope you are all well. Stay tuned!