Saturday, December 18, 2010

This fall has been a whirlwind of planning for my new career as a yoga instructor. My partner, Linda, and I have spent more time than we care to talking to lawyers, accountants, realtors, landlords, contractors, and zoning administrators. It was smothering our enthusiasm for our practice and we were getting increasingly frightened of the financial obligations we were about to take on. So we stepped back and took a deep breath to re-evaluate our purpose. And now we have a new, better possibility in front of us. I'll tell you more as it comes together.

Isn't it amazing how you can be pushing so hard in one direction that you can't see another way? Kind of reminds me of my first marriage.

I invite you to check out our new, evolving website, and our new blog. On the new blog, Linda & I will both be contributing our thoughts related to yoga, reiki, and our other events and activities. I plan on keeping this blog for more personal posts. Now that I've resigned from the magazine world, I will have more time for recreational writing again.

I hope everyone is surviving the early cold snap and not letting the holidays overwhelm them.