Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, I threw a tantrum and my kids did perk up a bit. I felt bad about the timing of it. I suppose outbursts, by their nature, are not always perfectly timed and well-said. Anyway, they have all stepped up a bit, and I was reminded of their stress levels too. So many adults making demands on them.

Anyway, my mom called me this morning and scolded me, so the cycle continues. I'm having out-patient surgery this afternoon to remove some of the screws from my ankle and to repair a hammer toe. Mom scolded me for drinking a cup of black coffee when they said no food after midnight. But the surgery isn't til 2pm! How did she know I just poured the cup? I poured it out and took an Excedrin. I must have caffeine.

Why now? Insurance. I'm trying to maximize the benefits of my deductible, which goes back to zero in January. This was the only slot left in the schedule this calendar year. I'll be in a boot for 6 weeks.

So I'll be on narcotics on Christmas morning - possibly. Maybe it won't hurt that bad. I effectively got out of all hostess duties with this one. It will be a wonderful opportunity for my children to take care of me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You would think with Christmas just around the corner that my children would be sucking up more. No such luck at my house. Looks like coal for Christmas.

Mom, I'm sorry for having been a teenager.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Had any good Fortune Cookies lately?

Not me. My last one said this:
"Here we go. Low fat. Green Tea. Whole Wheat."

Here we go. Like it knows I'm resisting. How pushy!
And it is not improved by adding "under the covers."

Was it referring to the oil-bathed Lo Mein I had just gobbled? Perhaps the half a Bloomin Onion I tucked in this weekend? Maybe the gumdrop bread my mother is amassing for me. The ginger rum balls I cut out a recipe for?

Are Fortune Cookies like Facebook, with fortunes crafted to fit my particular demographic? Most of my FB ads are for diets.

Anyway, I have slipped off the healthy food bandwagon. It's hard to not be seduced by the convenience, and those delicious carbohydrates and chemicals. So I'm sipping green tea. One step at a time.