Sunday, January 30, 2011

So it looks like we have one big decision made: Sofie is going to go to Kent State University - the college I went to the longest, and where her father graduated. It's been 25 years since I had been there. A lot had changed. A lot was the same - like the slushy snow.

Boy college seems so cool. I want to go. I want to have that schedule, and the meal plan, and the rec center, and the free concerts. Not that I want to be 18 again. Sofie is ready to go. The program seems a good fit for her - and for our budget. She's already investigating sororities - Tri-Sigma being an early favorite.

What will this house be like without her here? If I think about that too long, the room always seems to turn swimmy. So I just look down at my feet for the next step.

Does life speed up as you age?


Mom said...

Life is going by a a dizzying speed. It was just yesterday we drove to Kent State with you.
It is fun to see Sofie so excited.
Letting kids grow up and leave home is the hardest part of parenthood.

just me said...

congratulations! how great that you already know! E has yet to hear from her top 2 choices... and we're also figuring out where D is going to high school. the uncertainty is driving me a little nuts.

E is so ready to go it's not funny. she has already lined up a job at camp this summer, so she's leaving about a week after her 18th bday... and will just come home in time to pack for whichever school she's going to attend.

time does fly -

julie said...

Ann, tearing up thinking about our little girls being young woman about to embark on the great adventure of beginning to figure it out on their own. They have great foundations and have been surrounded with love, encouragement and discipline. They will do great! I am a little sad but also excited to hear about all their adventures. This is their time and their lives will be so different in 5 years. I love it and I hate it. I wish that we could have them back for just a day at 5 years old and spend the day at your pool and give them popsicles and watch them giggle and argue and boss each other around and then sit to watch down to watch a video with their arms around each other while eating a poptart. Those were fun days!

Tracy said...

Yes, it does speed up as you age. Or, at least that's the way it feels to me.
Congratulations for your Sophie!

Anne said...

Congrats to Sofie!
I'm sure Fern will be off to college before I even exhale.

just me said...

please, AM and everyone else, read DH's blog post "Words from a Weisman" dated 2/2/11. not because it's easy, but because it's hard.

it's on AM's blog list.

greeny said...

I am amazed at the way the years are approaching light speed. And this is such a great yet terrifying step for our kids. An adventure. We get to sit back and enjoy seeing them take this step, albeit with a lot of "medication" to help with the worry.

I thought I had commented on this post but when reading the new comments, realized I hadn't.

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Helen Smith said...

Congratulations to Sofie! How exciting for her. Best time of her life! You must be proud of her!

Love your blog, so real!

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