Monday, March 22, 2010

I was delighted to open my paper this morning and see that the House passed Health Care Reform. It is a triumph of democracy over corporate influence - passed in spite of the massive amounts of money and effort from insurance industries, their Republican congressmen, and Fox News.

The Republicans keep saying the Dems will pay for it in the next election. I think the shame is on every single one of the Republicans who voted against helping the poor. Every single Republican voted against it. Talk about peer pressure! I was hoping there might be one courageous soul on that side of the aisle.

I'm sure the vitriol isn't over. But as with the passing of Medicare that the Republicans strongly opposed but now couldn't live without, literally in some cases, so it will be with health care.

Our government may certainly be inefficient, but I personally am glad they run a post office, emergency services, schools, libraries, food inspection, and the military. Despite the huge task ahead, I'm sure all those who so vehemently opposed health care will soon find themselves or their loved ones in need of the benefits our great American government will provide them.


just me said...

vitriol is putting it mildly. who do these people think they are, calling congresspeople names? and threatening them with violence??? it's nuts!

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